Albion Capital Whalebone Longboard Classic

14th Jul 2015

There were marvellous winter conditions over the weekend down at Cottesloe for the iconic Albion Capital Whalebone Longboard Classic.  The atmosphere was vibrant as there was a strong crowd coming along to spectate. The results are in!

VOLTE WETSUITS OLD MAL: 1. Jack Entwistle (NSW) 16.00pts, 2. Ryan Clark (Joondaulp) 14.30pts, 3. William Crowe (NSW) 13.35pts, 4. Jack Medland (Marmion) 9.10pts, 5. Jock Bahen (Cottesloe) 8.10pts, 6. Kevin Anderson (Nth Fremantle) 7.25pts.

GELDENS OPEN WOMEN: 1. Izzy Marchetti (Mullaloo) 14.20pts, 2. Freya Thompson (Scarborough) 10.35pts, 3. Virginia Marchetti (Mullaloo) 9.10pts, 4. Georgia Monro (Cottesloe) 9.00pts, 5. Tamlin Dobrich (Duncraig) 8.70pts.

FERAL BREWERY OPEN MEN LOGGERS: 1. Liam Griggs – Kennelly (VIC) 14.45pts, 2. William Crowe (NSW) 14.55pts, 3. Ryan Clarke (Joondalup) 14.25pts, 4. Aurelien Meynieux (REU) 11.10pts, 5. Jock Bahen (Fremantle) 9.55pts, 6. Ryan Egan (Mandurah) 6.85pts.

CENTURIAN FENCING UNDER 18 JNR BOYS: 1.Luke Bowler Wight (Dunsborough) 10.15pts, 2. Max Scott (ACT) 9.50pts, 3. Jacob McIvor (Rockingham) 7.75pts.

FUNSBACK SURF UNDER 18 JNR GIRLS: 1. Izzy Marchetti (Mulaloo) 15.85pts, 2. Paris Chisolm (East Fremantle) 8.45pts, Holly Touchell (Morely) 7.65pts, 4. Mia Thompson (Scarborough) 5.60pts.

AMCOM START UP OVER 35 LOGGERS: 1. Kevin Anderson (Nth Fremantle) 14.00pts, 2. Billy Gibson (Margaret River) 11.55pts, 3. Ryan Egan (Mandurah) 10.80pts, 4. Criag Bell (Ctiy Beach) 10.20pts, 5. Neil Thompson (Scarborough) 8.68pts, 6. Doug Carruthers (Margaret River) 8.55pts.

CUSHE FOOTWEAR OVER 40 MEN: 1. Neil Thompson (Scarborough) 15.40pts, 2. Kevin Anderson (Nth Fremantle) 11.00pts, 3. Jarrah Calder (East Fremantle) 11.00pts, 4. Jason Weeks (Lancelin) 9.85pts, 5. Craig Bell (City Beach) 9.10pts, 6. Steve Del Rosso (QLD) 6.50pts.

CLEARWATER SURFBOARD OVER 50 MEN: 1. Michael Cottier (NSW) 11.20pts, 2. Neil Hayward (Heathridge) 3. James McGhee (Cottesloe) 10.05pts, 4. Neil Peterson (Bicton) 9.55pts, 5. Brett Merifield (Yallingup) 8.35pts, 6. Marty Ferrier (Wembly) 8.30pts.

ALKOOMI WINES OVER 50 LOGGERS: 1. Michael Cottier (NSW) 12.25pts, 2. Tony Ellis (Geraldton) 11.45pts, 3. Norm Bateman (Karrinyup) 10.30pts, 4. Colin Arkwright (Bibra Lake) 8.80pts, 5. Lou Corkill (Yallingup) 7.55pts, 6. Muaro Ronzan (North Beach) 7.40pts.

CAFÉ BLINDS BY GARY MCCOMICK OVER 55 MEN: 1. Bill Gibson (Margaret River) 14.25pts, 2. Martin Richardson (Mt Hawthorn) 11.10pts, Brent Moss (Esperacne) 10.95, 4. Steve Becker (Palmyra) 9.85pts, 5. Lou Corkill (Yallingup) 7.95pts, 5. Tony Ellis (Geraldton) 4.95pts.

SUNOVA SURFBOARDS OVER 60 MEN: 1. Norm Bateman (Karrinyup) 15.55pts, 2. Peter Dunn (Dunsborough) 11.45pts, 3. Mick Marlin (Dunsborough) 9.70pts, 4. Stan Davies (Daglish) 8.00pts, Tony Wigger-Smith (North Lake) 6.8pts, 6. Errol Considine (Floreat) 0.00pts. About The Whalebone Classic: The Whalebone Classic first started back in 1998 when event founder Peter Dunn was diving off Isolators Reef in Cottesloe and whilst diving he came across what he first thought was an elephant tusk, and then soon realised it was actually a whalebone, and decided to start the surfing event which has developed into one of the top longboarding events in Australia.

Congrats to all who entered and good luck for next year down at Cottesloe.