A Beginners Guide to Cottesloe

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6th Jan 2017

Cottesloe Beach House Stays has a new team member! Kim has started as the new Reservations and Guest Liaison Officer and we couldn’t be more excited. Kim has vast knowledge and experience about the tourism industry. Kim herself is a keen traveller. Kim has been kind enough to share a few words on her first impressions of Cottesloe, Short Term Accommodation and Cottesloe Beach House Stays. See what Kim has to say below!

Who Am I

I am 32 year old university graduate who has lived, worked and travelled around the world since 2008.  I have previously lived in Australia and countries such as New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan, Canada (Edmonton, Newfoundland) and United States of America (New York and Massachusetts).  I have also travelled many Asian countries. These countries include; Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal, India, Indonesia and Malaysia. 

My aim: To gain a true experience of a place and its people

Why Cottesloe

Having lived in Eastern Australia a few years back, I knew that this time around I wanted to gain a taste of the West. As I flipped through endless travel books, websites and blogs, all research indicated that Cottesloe offered the relaxed outdoorsy atmosphere I was looking for. With a beach that even locals flock to! Not to mention, there are perfectly located train stations all through out Cottesloe. This offers regular daily transport from Fremantle-to-Perth City.

My first Impressions of Cottesloe

Having spent the day in Perth city, I boarded the Fremantle train line and within 20 minutes found myself at Cottesloe station.  Tired from the day, I decided to walk the slight hill towards the beachfront.  As the horizon slowly began to fill with glistening water I was filled with a freeing and excited feeling which gave me an instant boost to my energy level.

That evening, as the sun went down I sat on an oceanfront bench under the tall bird filled trees as friends gathered and laughed on picnic blankets, children played in outdoor playgrounds, joggers took to the sand and couples walked their dogs hand in hand. 

Cottesloe is the type of place where strangers pass by and smile at each other.  Quaint cafes, funky bars and seafront restaurants can be found dotted along the oceanfront and the beach itself truly lives up to its reputation.  Cottesloe’s sunsets, however, surpasses itself with the sun staying clear and round in the sky until the very last second.

It turns out Cottesloe is a place you call home about.  I landed myself in a prime location and I am only just now beginning to discover how much there is to do in the area.  #winning

Working for Cottesloe Beach House Stays

I started working at Cottesloe Beach House Stays as the Reservations and Guest Liaison Officer at the beginning of December. I had spoken with Allison and Camilla via Skype before I arrived in Perth and was pretty keen to meet and join the rest of the team.  The main office itself is based in Cottesloe on the borderline of Swanbourne.  The front office is made up of 6 women, now including myself, and they couldn’t have been more welcoming or encouraging as I started training for my new role to provide beautiful beach homes and apartments for short term rental.  Working on the notion that ‘We care, we can do and we want you back again’ the team really pull together to make sure not only each guest is completely happy but also that each property owner is. Their success was evidenced as Christmas drew closer and the endless presents and Thank You cards came flooding in.

January 2017 Hit List

  • Visit Rottnest Island
  • Hire A Bike & cycle to Kings Park
  • See Fremantle Prison

Feel free to contact our office with any enquires for Kim and our accommodation or share with us your first impressions of Cottesloe. We’d love to hear!

Photo credit:David Eastwell

A Beginners Guide to Cottesloe | Cottesloe Beach House Stays


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