Bells Rapids Park in Perth Western Australia on Avon Descent Weekend!

3rd Aug 2017

With the 2017 Avon Descent taking place this weekend, 5th and 6th August, we thought it was a great opportunity to let you all know about the Bells Rapid Park. Keep reading on to find out some handy info about the wonderful views to take in at the Bells Rapid Walking Bridge and the Bells Rapid Circuit Trails.

Now, we know the weather hasn’t been amazing, BUT, this weekend is 18 Degrees with a few clouds on Saturday and Sunday. Which means, yes, it may still be a bit chilly but there is no rain and that’s the main thing!!!

To give you a quick background on the Avon Descent, it is an annual, two-day, white water rafting event involving both paddle craft (kayaks, surf skis) and small motor boats.

Bells Rapid Walking Bridge:

Located less than one hour from Cottesloe, Bells River features a must-cross walking bridge which spans the famous Perth, Western Australia Swan River.

Hovering directly above the fast moving white water rapids, where the Avon descent will be taking place this weekend, the Bells Rapid Walking Bridge, makes an ideal imagery spot for the keen photographers amongst us.

It also provides the opportunity to appreciate the rapids in there full force, whilst admiring the efforts of the participants enduring the two day Avon Descent race.

Bells Rapid Circuit Trails:

The Bells Rapid park offers two walking trails ‘Goat Walk Key’ and ‘River Walk Key’ which both offer scenic views of Bells Rapids, the country side, coastal plain, Flora and Fauna (Make sure to watch out for tiny Little Pied Cormorants).

If you’re looking to head to the above locations in Perth this weekend, Cottesloe Beach House Stays recommends you to bring the following items:

  • A Picnic Basket
  • Swimwear and Towel
  • Walking Shoes
  • Camera
  • Sunscreen

We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, stay safe and enjoy!

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