The Best Place in Perth to See Star Wars

18th Dec 2015

After months of watching teaser trailers, Star Wars the Force Awakens has hit the big screens. The film is set to break box office records and is sending fans into a full blown frenzy. This is understandable of course, as it has been more than a decade since the last episode and there has been so much secrecy surrounding the plot line. There are new heroes introduced and the much loved heroes – Han Solo, Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker- are still featured in the storyline. The original actors are reviving their roles so the connection to the characters will still be strong.

The reviews are slowly starting to come to light and thankfully there is a lot of positive feedback. The Guardian in the UK said even from the first few moments, the film was "exciting, spectacular and seductively innocent". Many fans have commented to say that the film is exciting and sentimental. If you are interested in checking out and having your own verdict on Star Wars the Force Awakens, then you will need to know where to go.

Event Cinemas is a large chain of cinemas in Perth. The Events Cinemas are located at Innaloo and Morley. Innaloo is closer to Cottesloe, if you are one of our guests currently staying in our house or apartment (or are planning to stay in Cottesloe in the future). There is also the option of Gold Class to watch Star Wars in ultimate comfort. Gold class means that you can have hot, delicious food and enjoy an alcoholic drink. Parking is free and there are restaurants nearby if you want to grab a nice meal before/ after.

There are also Hoyts Cinemas at Garden City, Cannington and Willetton. These cinemas are in large shopping centres which means that you can also get some Christmas shopping done and get some food. These cinemas are further out from Perth and Cottesloe so they would be better options if you have rented transportation. Grand Cinemas and Reading Cinemas are other cinemas in Perth that are showing Star Wars the Force Awakens.

Some of our Cottesloe Beach House Stays properties have DVD players so it is very possible to catch up on the last episode before watching Star Wars the Force Awakens. Our properties are conveniently located to public transport as well which means that you can still get to one of the cinemas if you decided against hiring a car. There is really no excuse now as to why you should have to miss out on this huge event.