Cottesloe in Spring

28th Aug 2015

It is finally about to be spring! This is fantastic news for those who are visiting Perth as it means that you are able to get down to the beach and not have to worry about getting caught in the rain or being blown away by the wind.

Cottesloe in spring is spectacular. The sky is picture perfect blue, the water is crystal clear and the weather will start to warm up. You can enjoy many walks or bike rides along the coast, have a picnic at twilight, collect shells and for those who are brave enough, take a dip in the ocean. It will definitely be invigorating.

If you want to stay on dry land, the spring days are fantastic for a quick round of golf or a trip down Napoleon Street or toClaremont Quarter. What more the Royal show will be in town! The list of things to do in Cottesloe, in spring, is limitless. Just be sure to get out and enjoy the sunshine!

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