Features of CBHS Management- Why Us?

14th Jan 2016

Listing your family home during holidays, or an investment property, with short term accommodation is a great way to earn some income. It’s always nice to be paying off your holiday whilst you are on it and to know that your property is safe as there are people looking after it. Here are some more reasons why you should list with a short-term accommodation management company, specifically Cottesloe Beach House Stays.

The service that Cottesloe Beach House Stays provides is unlike any other accommodation in Perth. Guests can enjoy coastal accommodation, have convenient access to public transport and enjoy a complete property with kitchen and laundry facilities- not just a room. Guests are able to secure a property via direct mobile friendly online booking facility for guests. Our team is available for guest services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week courtesy of an afterhour’s emergency number and a 7 day a week email enquiry service. Cottesloe Beach House Stays has merchant facility for Visa, Master Card and Amex. We are able to organise a meet and greet service at the property to ensure that guests settle in properly or if properties have any complex facilities. The property management team will ensure that we can have tradesmen services and maintenance repairs done as soon as possible. There is also in housekeeping available if guests wish to have linen changed or organise mini cleans for longer stays. The team aims to make each guests stay as comfortable as possible whether it is for a family holiday, romantic getaway, business or a corporate relocation.

Properties listed with Cottesloe Beach House Stays have high amounts of exposure to ensure that our properties receive the greatest chance of achieving a high occupancy rate. Properties are listed on any portals that owners think are suitable (at our recommendation). These portals include Stayz, Booking.com, Expedia, Cottesloe Beach House Stays website, Flipkey, Social Media, Short Term Accommodation, WA Holiday Guide, Airbnb and Beautiful Accommodation. Our company manages each property account on these websites. We respond to all enquiries and update the portal calendars bi-weekly so that potential guests are able to select a property that is available and make the booking process as easy as possible. These portals are accessed both by international and domestic markets. Some portals are more popular and trusted in some countries than others, hence the need to be on as many suitable portals as possible. Social media as a portal/ platform is also important for gaining high exposure. The Cottesloe Beach House Stays (and Perth Beach Stays) page is followed by owners, previous guests and potential guests who are interested in Cottesloe. We are also able to directly target international markets when we promote or campaigns. This creates brand recognition and awareness of Cottesloe Beach House Stays.

Cottesloe Beach House Stays also uses traditional marketing to promote the business and our product. Cottesloe Beach House Stays advertises in domestic and international travel magazines and holiday guides. Travel magazines capture the ideal market which has plenty of time to read and absorb all information. Some of the team members go and participate in International Travel Exhibitions to build relationships with agents from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong. Cottesloe Beach House Stays is accredited with Tourism Australia and is China Ready and Accredited. This depicts to international agents that our product is recognised by the Chinese Government as a legitimate business. Being China Ready also permits exclusive advertising in 2016 on Chinese Accommodation websites including Tunia.com, Starhop Tours + Aoliday. Our team also attends Domestic Travel Exhibitions in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. The team explains the positives of our product; create brand awareness for the company and Cottesloe, and to enter into new markets. The team also hands out promotional material and merchandising with our logo and details which promote our business.

Cottesloe Beach House Stays is also unique in that we have a wealth of information about the Perth community and loyal guests that return regularly. Our repeat guest patronage currently sits at 22% and growing. A repeat guest programme is in place for each guest who stays with us again. This programme includes leaving personal cards in the property, gifts and merchandise. It is important for these guests to realise that we value them. We also have guests that stay with us every year for annual events like Rottnest Swim, Sculptures by the Sea and the Hopman Cup. Cottesloe Beach House Stays also sponsors multiple charities and events. We have many partners within the Perth community and have partnerships with Rottnest Express, Pinnacle Tours and many more. This allows us to book tours and packages on behalf of our guests so that they are able to experience the best of what Perth has to offer.

All of these reasons identify why listing your property with Cottesloe Beach House Stays is beneficial for guests and for owners. Time is saved and all guest needs are addressed by our team. If you wish to find out more information about listing a property with us call us on 9286 2641 or head to www.cbhstays.com.au/.