Holiday Sweet Treats

29th Jun 2016

School holidays are a well needed break for most kids so why not make the holidays as action packed and rewarding as possible? There is nothing as rewarding as a sweet treat after a long term of study. Going with a group of friends to one of the following places also makes for a great day out to try the latest food trends. These trends include extravagant milkshakes, creamy gelatos and divine doughnuts. We have also put together a list of school holiday activities to add to your itinerary.


Bigger, tastier and taller! Milkshakes are no longer what they used to be. Australian cafes have taken their milkshakes to the next level adding things to a milkshake that normal come WITH a milkshake and not IN the drink. Think doughnuts, fruit loops, popcorn and chocolate covered bacon. We recommended a long run along Cottesloe Beach after (and maybe before) eating one of these monster milkshakes. Cafes in which you will find these milkshakes on the menu include Babooshka, Whisk Creamery, Varsity, Tarts café and Sapore Espresso Bar. Each of these cafes has their own unique favours and toppings. Definitely a highlight for the holidays!

Gelato and frozen yogurt

Some fun facts about gelato; it has less fat than ice cream, less air which means more flavour and free from artificial flavours. Seems like an awesome treat for friends and family. We recommend heading to one of the following stores on a sunny Perth winter day. Our recommendations are Gusto Gelato, Whisk Creamery (second mention) and Stampede gelato. If you prefer frozen yogurt we suggest Tutti Frutti and Red Spoon.


Pastries are a winter staple. There is nothing better than a hot chocolate and a croissant on a chilly day. If you are heading to Perth CBD, we recommend a detour to Chu Bakery. You won’t be disappointed. Also around the CBD area is Mary Street Bakery, known for their salted caramel donuts. Closer to Cottesloe is Baker Street and Choux Café Patisseries Française. Guests can easily walk from our accommodation to the aforementioned cafes and build up an appetite.


Vegan, made with natural ingredients, gluten and dairy free doesn’t make Cocowhip sound all that naughty. However it is delicious and nutrition! If you want something on the lighter and healthier side this is your go to. In order to get your hands on some of this goodness, head to Kirkwood Deli, Whip it Good and Natures Harvest.

So get eating!