Magical Cottesloe Beach in the Morning

22nd Jul 2015

Cottesloe Beach is truly a magical place at any time of the day but especially in the morning.

If you are an early riser then consider heading down to Cottesloe Beach to start your morning the right way with a spectacular sight. You will feel more relaxed and have a greater perspective of the world. If you have kids, they will never forget the beautiful beach they used to play in the mornings or if you like to start your morning with a run, then you will have some magnificent scenery.

However you don’t need to be on the beach to enjoy this peaceful sight. Just near it. Imagine looking out your kitchen window, with a coffee and some toast and seeing this view.

If you are looking for accommodation opposite or near the beach, Cottesloe Beach House Stays has plenty of properties for you to choose from. These properties are almost as beautiful as Cottesloe Beach in the morning, so you won’t be disappointed.