New Notepads and New Pens!

15th Jan 2016

New Notepads and New Pens!

Cottesloe Beach House Stays is happy to announce that we have some great new merchandise! As the company now has a new logo we are expanding our range of merchandise. It’s always nice to have something small waiting for you when you get to your accommodation. There is so much to do in Perth; it’s always great to have a notepad handy to jot down all the must dos.  Here are 5 reasons you’ll love our new note pad and pens;

  1. Do a sketch of beautiful Cottesloe Beach- The notepad is a really great compact size and both the pen and pad weigh nothing at all so bringing them down to the beach in your bag is not a hassle at all. Cottesloe Beach is such an iconic spot, why not do a fun drawing that captures the scene with your own little spin on it?


  1. Make some lists:  Notepads are brilliant for making check lists of what needs to be brought on holiday with you, on your day out and what activities in Perth you HAVE to do. As our properties also have cooking facilities, guests can use the notepad to write out what food the need to buy at one of the convenient stores in Perth. You’ll never have to miss out on your favourite meal!


  1. Keep some dinner reservations: Notepads are great to have nearby if you are making any reservations or booking tours. You can grab the confirmed time, date and even the number of the restaurant or tour company. You also lessen your chances of loosing this information if it is on a pad.


  1. Old fashion entertainment: Guests can always just use the paper to do some origami. The team at Cottesloe Beach House Stays would love to see some cool photos of what you make. Maybe an origami swan with the sunset in the background? We always love receiving photos from guests of their stay so feel free to send in some happy shots!


  1. Take it home with you: The notepad is free for guests to take, which always feels like a thrill because it’s not often that you get things for free. More importantly though we want guests to take the pads as they have all of our details written on them. So should you want to stay again, all our details are at your finger tips!


Want a great notepad and pen? Then come stay with us!