New Year Celebrations Around the World

29th Dec 2015

New Years Eve celebrations around the World


New Years Eve in Australia is considered one of the biggest celebrations of the year. With it being the middle of summer, Australians prefer to spend their time outside enjoying the sunny weather, whether they’re at the beach, parks, outside bars and restaurants or simply at home with family and friends. Lots of public events and private parties are held throughout the day and evening as people come together to bring in the New Year. New Years Eve is considered a time of optimism as people set new year’s goals or ‘resolutions’ for the coming year. The partying continues well into the night with the final countdown marking the most significant moment. As the clock strikes 12 party-goers celebrate with music, drinking and sometimes a New Year’s kiss. The largest New Year’s celebration occurs in Sydney at the Sydney Harbour Bridge. 80,000 fireworks are synchronised to a blend of the year’s most popular music creating the ‘Bridge Effect’. These fireworks are watched by up to 2 million people at Sydney Harbour.

Perth’s largest New Years Eve celebration is at Gloucester Park Racecourse. There are also plenty of other events and entertainment throughout the city. Our top 5 places to bring in the New Year are:

  1.  Bar Pop at the Urban orchard: Why not attend one of Perth’s most anticipated Rooftop Parties? Party under the stars and city skyline with food and drink while listening to brilliant DJ sets.
  2. Kings Park: Why not bring in the New Year in Perth’s most beautiful parks. The parks elevation will give you beautiful views of the city. Bring your family and friends, as well as a picnic and enjoy the beautiful weather. Its free and family friendly!
  3. NYE on the foreshore: If you’re interested in something a little more exclusive why not attend Perth’s Boutique NYE party. Start the afternoon off with premium beverages and food as you watch the sun set followed by prominent DJs on the main stage.
  4. Streets Happy Zoo year is a great way to the keep the kids entertained at the Perth Zoo. With top kids performers keeping the animals up-late. It’s a great way to bring the New Year in with the family, with an early 9pm countdown to suit the little ones.
  5. King Street Cartel’s New Year’s Eve Ball is set to be one of the swankiest events. With guests treated to a 3-course meal, live jazz band, burlesque show and DJ set.

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Singapore is renowned for having one the best New Years Eve celebrations in the world as New Years Eve is considered one of the major festivals of the nation. New Year’s celebrations, otherwise known at Chun Jei begin a whole month before New Years Eve and call everyone to develop positive hopes for the future and forget all past miseries, troubles and failures. Over New Year. Singapore becomes illuminated in colourful lights and malls and markets are decorated with flowers and cotton and plum trees are given as gifts. Chinatown comes alive with food flowers and ornaments and people celebrate the New Year with family and friends.

One of the most well-known New Year’s Celebrations in Singapore is that at Marina Bay. The events theme is ‘wishing for a better tomorrow’ and entails  20,000 inflatable ‘wishingspheres’ being placed into the bay collectively containing 500,000 wishes written by Singaporeans. The spheres are illuminated by beautiful coloured beams from spotlights erected along the Esplanade promenade.



Chinese New Year is celebrated according to the solar and lunar calendar and not the Georgian, meaning the dates change ever year. According to the Chinese calendar, the day of the second moon after the winter solstice is meant to be celebrated as New Year. New Years in China has its own history. It was once believed that there was once a giant beast named Nian who used to swallow human beings in one bite. The natives soon discovered the giant’s weaknesses were the colour red and loud noises. Since then, they began lighting fire crackers and using the colour red to keep the giant away. Since liberating themselves from the giant they started celebrating the day as GuNian or New Years Day. During New Years celebrations, the whole country is covered in red as it is believed to bring good luck. Fireworks are planned and made on New Year ’s Day as its believed that it will scare away evil spirits. Red envelopes containing money are also given as gifts to children, unmarried adults and parents.



Malaysia also celebrates in accordance with Chinese New Year and follows the solar and Lunar calendar. This celebration takes place in January-February and is one of the longest celebrated festivals in Malaysia, lasting 15 days. New Years is celebrated with a big family dinner as well as street parades with dancing lions and firecrackers.

There are still celebrations on December 31st as Kuala Lumpur celebrates with fireworks off the Petronas Towers landmark. A celebration sponsored by the government is held at Merdeka Square and broadcast live on TV around the country.


United Kingdom

Over 2 million tourists and locals flock to the English capital of London for the fireworks off Big Ben, The London Eye and South Bank. Massive street parties engulf the city as locals and tourist come out to witness the annual parade in which various artists, marching bands, clowns, magicians and acrobats show off their skills and help bring in the new year. There is an old English tradition in which people keep the back doors of the homes open to symbolize their farewell to the old year. The most important moment is when Big Ben strikes midnight and party-goers raise a toast and hug and kiss each other, the firework show then begins and lasts for over 10 minutes.