Our Top 5 Netflix Shows

21st Jul 2016

Being able to binge watch a season or discover new shows is a fun way to spend a rainy winters day/night inside and take time to unwind. This is why Netflix is so great. Netflix allows viewers to stream TV shows and movies exclusively online. Netflix Australia has a wide range of movies and shows to pick from. Picking what to watch can often be overwhelming; however the Cottesloe Beach House Stays team can help with selecting some of the best shows! To see our top 5 recommended shows, check out the list below.

1. Suits

This show is highly recommended as it is smart, funny and entertaining. Mike, a college dropout, is working as a lawyer despite not having a law degree. Mike and his associate Harvey Specter work together to close complicated cases all the while knowing that Mike’s secret. You'll be captivated the whole way through. 

2. Orange is the New Black

As the most watched Netflix original series, Orange is the New Black will make you laugh and also shock you at times. Follow the stories and the relationships of the inmates. You will blast through all four of the seasons. Warning- this show is addictive.

3. Master of None

A lesser known series but still worth a watch is Master of None. The storyline provides some insight into what it’s like living as a 30 something in New York City today. Love, work, family and friendship make this an endearing story. We already can’t wait for season two!

4.Stranger Things

Stranger things is a new show, only released in 2016, that is thrilling and intriguing. The story focus’s around a missing boy, the discovery of a strange girl, super natural forces and a lab that is surrounded by mystery. We recommend this series for those who love a bit of a scare and that are fans of science fiction. The series is set in 80’s and provides a bit of nostalgia.

5. Doctor Who

Travel through space and time with the famous Doctor and his companions in the Tardis! Viewers can watch 8 seasons of this classic series. Start from the beginning and watch the evolution of the show throughout the years.  We wonder who your favourite Doctor will be.

Cottesloe Marine Apartment and Cottesloe Studio 105 are two Cottesloe Beach House Stays properties which currently provide guests with Netflix. Guests who stay at these properties have access to all the shows mentioned above. To find out more about these properties, contact our team!