Top-rated Places to Eat in Cottesloe

18th Aug 2015

If you are planning on staying in Perth or are a regular to the Cottesloe area then you will want to know where all the best places are to eat. If you want to finish the day on a high note and have a lovely dinner or maybe dine out for a special occasion, the beach view will add that something special.  Due to the abundance of fabulous restaurants in the area it can be quite hard to know where to start. This list of top-rated restaurants will give you a good idea of where to look and what to expect from a restaurant in Cottesloe.

#1 Cott & Co. Fish bar

 If you're going to do sunset in Perth, this is *the* place to do it while eating some delicious food.  You are able to make reservations which can take the stress out of, well, dining out. Honestly great menu, great service, food quality outstanding, highly recommended!

#2  Vans Sidewalk Cafe

This place is amazing. Fun decor, always buzzing and the food will not disappoint. You get great value for your money.  Vans have an ever changing menu that highlights the seasons and reinvents bistro classics with a twist. Only the freshest seasonal and local produce is used. This place is always busy for a reason!

#3 Ocean Spice Cafe

If you are in the mood for something different and slightly more casual, this restaurant is a good option. It is a Thai restaurant that is much loved by the neighbourhood. The food is always freshly prepared with lively authentic flavours. It is BYO which means you can enjoy your favourite drinks with some tasty food.

#4 Barchetta

This restaurant is said to have the best ocean view and Mediterranean menu in Perth. If you have your meal here, you will have a fantastic back drop whilst you enjoy the fine food. You'll always feel like you’re on holiday when you are dining at Barchetta.

#5 Natures Harvest 

If you are trying to live a healthier and more organic lifestyle then you should try out Natures Harvest. Most meals are vegan or gluten free. There is also a shop attached to the cafe so you can take away with you some healthy treats. Yoga is also run some mornings to help you start your day right. We recommend heading there for breakfast. It’s a guilt free meal!

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