How to Enjoy the Beach in Winter

20th Jul 2015

Planning a trip to the beach during winter may not be on the top of your list of things to do BUT it should still be on your list. Why? Well here are just a few reasons why.

  1. Less busy- you basically get the beach to yourself. If you are with family, this is a great time to build some sandcastles or get some family photos.
  2. Still a spectacular view- if you are staying in accommodation on or near the beach, you still are able to enjoy the view of beautiful Cottesloe Beach. The view of the ocean is forever changing. It can be quite relaxing watching the rain fall.
  3. Collect shells- a fun activity for adults and kids alike. Start a collection by making a competition out of who can find the prettiest shells.
  4. Good exercise- take a long stroll along the beach, jump into the water (it is quiet refreshing), breathe in some fresh air and receive some smiles from those passing by.
  5. A reason to rug up, drink some hot chocolate and watch the sunset with some good company.
  6. Enjoy the surf- grab a wetsuit and you will be all good to enjoy the activities that you normally would do in the summer.