Love a Good Bath?

4th Feb 2016

Properties with a Bath

A bath is one of life’s simple luxuries and many people aim to have some highly treasured bath time once a day. We can’t blame you either! Baths allow you to escape the outside world, sooth tense muscles, are considered to be romantic, relieve stress and helps people to sleep better (also known as Hydrotherapy). Who doesn’t want to feel more relaxed, especially on holiday!

So what happens when you are on holiday and you aren’t willing to give up your daily soak? Simple- you stay in a beautiful property with a bath. There is nothing better than ending a relaxing day at the beach and exploring (after eating delicious food from one of the many restaurants in the area) by indulging in a bath.

Thankfully Cottesloe Beach House Stays has plenty of properties to choose from that have a bath. To save guests the time of going through each property description, we have compiled a list of properties, by area, with a bath.


South Cottesloe




If you are interested in the availability of a particular property, check out the property listing or contact one of the Cottesloe Beach House Stays team members to get some more information, especially if you aren’t familiar with Perth and what area will be most suited to you and your guests.