Kitty Flanagan is in Perth

2nd Oct 2015

Kitty Flanagan is in Perth with her new show- Seriously?


Kitty opens you mind to a whole new relam of thinking about things. For instance, why do old people love so much salt? Kitty shares a lot about herself, her relationships and her preferences. We can't guarantee that you will agree with everything Kitty may say but we can tell you that you will laugh.


The show goes for one hour and 20 minutes but it feels like 10 because you become so engaged and involved in the show, you never want the story telling to end.


The Herald Sun stated- “Her material was absolutely brilliant!”


Kitty is performing at the Regal Theatre, the 3rd and 4th October. The Show contains some course language and is recommended for ages 15 years plus.


Cottesloe is just 15 minutes away from Subiaco by car. There are train stations all throughout Cottesloe that take travellers straight to Subiaco.