Perth is a World Class Kitesurfing Destination

10th Nov 2016

We have some great accommodation options if you plan to visit Cottesloe or Perth to indulge in the world’s fastest growing sport of kitesurfing.  Whether it’s a small apartment or a luxury ocean front house you are after, contact Cottesloe Beach House Stays and we would be happy to provide some options to suit your needs.

Perth and the Perth Region is a world famous kitesurfing destination which has unlimited options including flat water lagoons, the Swan River, the pristine Indian Ocean and a variety of world class wind and wave break combinations along the Perth coast and in Margaret River and Lancelin.

I have spent many winters travelling to renowned northern hemisphere kitesurfing destinations including Dakhla, Essaouira, Tarifa, Alvora, Guincho, Lake Garda, Gran Canaria and the Greek Cyclades. I can now confidently say that Perth is up there with the best, and better than all but a few places.

The best season in Perth is when the sea breeze (i.e. the thermal afternoon wind) is cranking.  This generally starts in October and continues through to the end of summer in early April.  The winter months also provide great winds, though less frequently and generally associated with storm fronts as they cross the coast from the west.  In summer expect the winds to be generally 15-20 knots in the afternoon, with some days 25+ knots and some days in the 12-18 knot range.  In summer the wind in Cottesloe is a southerly cross-onshore and most riders are on 7-10m kites.

Cottesloe is a great location from which to explore all of Perth’s great kitesurfing spots.  Many of our properties are walking distance to kitesurfing beaches along the ocean.  Leighton, South Cottesloe and Swanbourne beaches all have safe areas to launch and land and provide a mix of beach breaks and reef breaks. 

If you have a car, then the beaches of Floreat, City Beach, Brighton, Scarborough and Trigg are also great spots and all within a 20 minute drive.  The Swan River, Woodman Point, and Safety Bay all provide flatter water options.  On some summer mornings, the prevailing easterly wind can peak at 15-25 knots and provides some wonderful flat water kitesurfing on the Swan River at Point Walter only 15 minutes from Cottesloe.

It is increasingly popular for kitesurfers to do “downwinders” starting at Cottesloe and coming out at Trigg 12km north along the coast.  Riding the many beaches and reef break waves along the way using either a surfboard or a twin tip is great fun and a great way to progress on the ocean.

There are some restrictions and rules associated with kitesurfing in and around Perth and details can be found at the WA Kite Surfing Association (WAKSA) website.  The Seabreeze website is also highly recommended as it has current and forecast wind information, forums and a buy and sell section. 

Please contact us if you have any queries about kitesurfing or other water sports in Cottesloe or Perth, or if you are looking for accommodation options near the many great kitesurfing spots.

This blog was written by the owner of Cottesloe Beach House I and Cottesloe Beach House II