Skydive the Beach

9th Oct 2015

Imagine, the doors open with a rush of wind and you step out to fall 15,000 feet at 200km per hour. Your canopy releases and you fly, hovering above spectacular views for a few minutes. You land with relief in a beautiful location.

This is what skydiving the beach can offer you.

Cottesloe Beach House Stays has partnered with Skydive the Beach to offer guests $30 off. Staying in Cottesloe is a wonderful experience but scheduling skydiving into your stay will make it a stay that you will never forget.

There are three Perth Locations to choose from Perth, Rockingham and York. The inner city Perth sky dive involves free falling for 60 seconds at 14,000 feet, floating under the canopy for 5-7 minutes with a 360 degree panorama of Perth CBD, beaches and beyond. The Rockingham skydive is similar to the Perth skydive but the views are of  the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park including Penguin IslandCockburn SoundGarden Island and all the way out to Rottnest Island. The York skydive procedure is the same as the other locations. The view from the York skydive is of Avon Valley, Perth and Rottnest. Keep in mind that York is 90 minutes from Perth. This could make for a whole day outing!

You can capture your skydive with the available photo and video packages to share your memory with family and friends.

If skydiving is not for you but you know someone who would love the opportunity, there are gift vouchers available for purchase. If it is something that you would be very interested in doing skydives can be booked online for convenience.

Head to for information on pricing or to ask any questions that are holding you back from booking!