TOTEM is in Town!

4th Aug 2015

Everyone loves when the circus is in town, but even more so when it is Cirque Du SoleilTOTEM is in Perth now until the 27 September.

TOTEM discovers and follows the enthralling journey of the human species from its fundamental amphibian status to its ultimate desire to fly. The characters grow and progress on the stage evoking a giant turtle, which is the symbol of origin for many ancient civilizations. This show is inspired by many myths.

The list of characters includes ‘The Scientist’, ‘The Amerindian Dancer’ and ‘The Crystal Man’. Some of the acts performed will feature unicycles, the trapeze, manipulation, foot juggling and many more extraordinary acts. The costumes are eccentric and flamboyant. The colours of the set and costumes are a feast for the eyes.

The story of TOTEM is somewhere between science and legend. It explores the ties that bind Man to other species, his dreams and his infinite potential.

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