A Walk Down Napoleon Street

26th Jun 2015

Shopping, delicious food, hot coffee and the beach, doesn’t this make THE perfect day?

It is also a typical day in Cottesloe. Take Napoleon Street, for example. There are endless cafes that you can take your pick from, which offer typical, much loved meals or new-age, trendy meals (think of meals that involve kale and almond milk).

Popular cafes and recommendations from us, in Napoleon include;

  1.  Vans Sidewalk Cafe; Vans Cafe is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu is inspired by both Australian and Asian cuisine. The coffee is both a great hit of energy and delicious. It is a favourite with the locals and always has an electric atmosphere.
  2. Cimbalino; A great place to relax and catch up with friends, Cimbalino is another great eating out option. This place is perfect for breakfast (the bircher muesli is yum).
  3. Maria Antoinette; If you are after a sugar rush or a sweet treat, Marie Antoinette is the place for you. You won’t be disappointed with the selection, which ranges from ice-cream, macaroons cakes and tarts. The team there is just as sweet as the treats.

On to shopping! There is a great range of shops to make your way through and pick up some great presents for loved ones.

Our recommendations for shops;

  1. Esola; If you are after some gorgeous jewellery, then Esola is the place for you. Esola is renowned for its vast and eclectic range of exquisite jewellery. Specialising in unique and dynamic jewellery designs by the owner, Esola is a treasure trove of beautiful pieces made here and also sourced from around the world. You will most definitely find a unique piece that will make your trip to Cottesloe memorable.
  2. Bebe Boutique; If you have little ones with you then nip into Bebe Boutique and grab some cute little pieces.


There are many other clothing shops along the street like PicnicGazman and Blue Illusion. You’ll find a shop to suit every family member!

All that is just one small street in Cottesloe! There is of course so much more to do and see in Cottesloe. Cottesloe Beach House Stays provides family and corporate accommodation all around Cottesloe. The next time you visit Perth, Cottesloe is definitely the place to be.