Cottesloe Beach
31st Aug 2016
This Sunday, make an effort to celebrate Father’s Day and do something memorable. There are lots of lunch specials on for Father's Day from restaurants around Perth to take Dad before or after any of...
Airbnb Gift
29th Aug 2016
Thank you Airbnb for your thoughtful gift! The Cottesloe Beach House Stays team are delighted to work with Airbnb to create unforgettable experiences for guests.
Tourism Works
29th Aug 2016
Did you know that tourism in Western Australia creates 97,000 jobs? The Cottesloe Beach House Stays team are very proud to be a part of the WA tourism industry and supports the 'Tourism Works' ...
Taiwan Famil- Welcome to Cottesloe
19th Aug 2016
We are so happy to welcome guests from Taiwan! Cottesloe Beach House Stays Manager Allison Manners hosting a famil with Taiwan travel agents at a luxury Cottesloe property – thank you to Shirley Tsao...